Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yes.. This is my pumpkin. :) Well, little man and B carved it last night while I was busy cooking Arroz con Gandules. Sooo delic.. I'm really excited about Halloween. Little man is going to be Ghost Rider and we have lot's of activities planned. The town we live in is having a costume parade and arts a crafts, etc. Oh, how could I forget to mention a Halloween Block party.. How awesome is that? I'm more excited than he is. lol Little man also got invited to 2 Birthday parties this weekend at the park near our house on the beach. We will make an appearance for a little bit. I plan on enrolling him in beach flag football this week and I believe Sunday morning is when they practice. He's excited about that. I haven't really been able to enroll him in activities so I'm finally getting around to it. I love seeing him have fun. It's so fulfilling. I gotta get to work. Got lot's to do today. JOB SECURITY. ;)

Almost forgot, I also will be getting my little Zoe a costume. :) You know I'll be posting pics.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best things in life aren't things..

Ahhh.. Finally, a few minutes to update my blog. I’m thinking about getting the blog press app for my iphone again. I had it before but while doing an update, I lost it. **wooommp, wooommp, wooommp** I have been really sick for the past week and a half. SUCKS HORRIBLY. I really thought I was going to cough out a lung last week. I was coughing so hard I almost puked. (Gross, I know.. True story though.)

Anywho, This past weekend was pretty good, I took little man to the Pumpkin patch. It was so much fun. I took so many pictures of him with the pumpkins, petting the animals, horse riding. J It was awesome. After that, we went to the park for a bit. It was a nice, fun filled day with my little man. Being a mom I can honestly say is one of the most fulfilling things in my life. I love waking him up in the morning to get him ready for school, I love packing his lunch. I love him more than I ever thought I was capable of loving. He keeps me going. He is my ammunition to want to better myself and the quality of our lives. My everything.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Very nicely put...

forty-five thoughts for my daughter and my virtual daughters
By Francesca Lia Block.

i always believed if i had blond hair, pixie face
big breasts
everything would be all right
not realizing that culturally idolized beauty
is not only foolproof
but potentially dangerous

if you believe in your own unconventional beauty
when you are young
you will accomplish twice as much and suffer half so

turn off lightbulbs and light a candle

walk don’t drive

plant a tree

wear sunscreen

dancing is an antidepressant

kindness is the new status symbol

every day please try to eat something green
and something orange
that grow out of the ground

tell me how mad you are
that your father and i parted
i will always listen
though i can’t ever take away the pain

expectations are for what you yourself create

they rarely work when applied to others

turn off the television

tv is a depressant

yoga is an antidepressant

don’t feel guilty about wanting pretty things

they would not be so alluring
if you weren’t supposed to want them
just don’t value them over compassion

use your words even when you are a grown-up
and people no longer think it is entirely acceptable
when you say, that hurt my feelings

if you can digest chocolate eat it sometimes

same goes for ice cream
(i don’t really need to tell you those things do i?)

do your homework because it is part of the game but

don’t spend too much time worrying about grades

fall in love with someone kind who loves your body
and your mind

if you have a dream that won’t let you go, that
tickles your solar plexus, heed it

turn dark feelings into paintings or poetry
or dancing

music is a kind of food

if you are sad talk to a happy woman who loves you
it will always help

move your body when you are sad or angry

avoid the following:
genetically modified ingredients
sodium lauryl sulfate
mercury in certain fish
neurotic thoughts about food
(is that a contradiction?)

love your curls though they tangle
your pale skin though it can burn in the sun
your nose though it is broader than some
your sturdy legs and feet

forget barbie she does not possess imagination

remember you are a botticelli angel

the planet we live on is perfection

love her like a goddess

love yourself as her daughter

there is a planet full of different kinds of beauty

the idea that only one type of woman is beautiful
is blasphemy

of everything i brought to the world in these
forty-five years
you and your brother are by far the most astounding

because of this i will always love your father

matter never vanishes, only changes

remember that when someone you love dies

your round head on my breast when you were born
is the memory
i will keep with me when i leave this body

when i am gone i will still be near you

this is how i know: when you were born
it was not a meeting
but a reunion