Monday, August 24, 2009

My munchkin goes back to school today.

As much as I enjoyed him having the summer off, I'm so glad things will be back to "normal" now. :) I'm anxious to meet his new teacher. Hopefully this year it's a better one than last year. Last night I felt like the best mom in the world. Last minute, I ran to Target to get him a bakpack and a lunchbox. Mind you, his dad told me 3 weeks ago he bought him a lunchbox and was sending it. Surprise, surprise, I never got anything. Anywho, I was at target and luckily I found him a clone wars backpack. THEN., I walked over to the lunchbox section and seeing it was half empty I thought I'd have to come back in a few weeks, WRONG.. There it was, the last clone wars lunchbox. Lol I felt so lucky. It worked out because I just bought him a clone wars Jedi insulated thermos cup. I kbow, I'm a dork but being a mommy, these things make you happy because you know that when you kid sees it, it'll make them happy. So right now, I'm a half awake ball of happiness. Lol :) we went shoe shopping yesterday too and got some great deals at Marshall. well, I'm off to take him to school. Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday.

$42.00 for both. How sweet is that!?? :)

Ugh. My munchkin is getting soooo big. Going into first grade already..

My <3..

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gotta have a sense of humor.

Hello blog world. Hope everyone is doing great. I have been ok. Been better. This past weekend was a nightmare. :( I crashed my car. Totalled it. Well, everyone thinks it's totalled but in waiting on the insurance adjuster to take a look. What's worst is the accident was my fault. I took a light. Not purposely. Good news is everyone involved is ok. It couldve been way way worst. I may be getting a new car if my cars totalled. :) that's the positive outcome. I'm excited about that. Hopefully this whole situation proves to have a reason. Maybe a blessing in disguise. Who knows. Only time will tell.


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