Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yes.. This is my pumpkin. :) Well, little man and B carved it last night while I was busy cooking Arroz con Gandules. Sooo delic.. I'm really excited about Halloween. Little man is going to be Ghost Rider and we have lot's of activities planned. The town we live in is having a costume parade and arts a crafts, etc. Oh, how could I forget to mention a Halloween Block party.. How awesome is that? I'm more excited than he is. lol Little man also got invited to 2 Birthday parties this weekend at the park near our house on the beach. We will make an appearance for a little bit. I plan on enrolling him in beach flag football this week and I believe Sunday morning is when they practice. He's excited about that. I haven't really been able to enroll him in activities so I'm finally getting around to it. I love seeing him have fun. It's so fulfilling. I gotta get to work. Got lot's to do today. JOB SECURITY. ;)

Almost forgot, I also will be getting my little Zoe a costume. :) You know I'll be posting pics.

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