Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feeling gooooooooooooood...

Today was a pretty awesome day. I have to say.. My weekend in whole has been pretty freaking awesome. Friday I got a job, Saturday I spent the day with my munchkin, today he got his baseball trophy AND I hit the gym. 2 days in a row.. I'm proud of myself. lol I know, I know.. I have a lot more to go but hey, you gotta start somewhere.. I'm feeling really good about this new job. It's basically selling websites for a company a friend of mine used to work for. I'm getting paid hourly PLUS 10% of whatever business I bring in.. Sooo.. Our logic is, we need to get in shape so that when we are roaming the streets of Miami, we look good AND we can educate people on our company and the benefits their business can have with a bomb ass website. :) I'm really smiling right now. lol

Next weekend is memorial day weekend. That translates to "Ghetto infestation on South Beach" Weekend. I do not by any means want to be ANYWHERE near the beach. I'm supposed to meet up with B next week. He'll be in town but I don't know if we can make it happen. I hope we can.. I'm curious to see how I'd feel if I saw him again.. it's been like 6 months now. I have to admit, i'm slightly nervous.

Ok.. I'm sore as all hell.. Every muscle in my body hates me right now.. Feels sooo good though. lol Ok i'm off to read some blogs and then off to dreamland..

Night Night

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